Odoo title tag optimization guidelines

Creating the right title for improve SEO

Binh Nguyen Xuan

This is the first article on series of Odoo SEO

Title tags is the most important element of your website's content. This help people around you understand what you want to say. And if you want Search Engines do that for you, you must tell him: "hey, let's talk to everybody about me".

Here are the best practice guidelines for writing title tags.

Naming convention

Placing the keyword phrase at the front of title followed by your company or your brand.

[keyword phrase] | [your company]

Required, please!

Title tag should be declared once in HTML document inside <head> section.

    <title>Odoo tutorials improve skills by Odoo dreamer | xubi.me</title>

Readability for everything

Search engine result, bookmarks and of course on browser tabs will be show your title!

If you want to everything knows you, make sure that title content is understandable by humans.

Special characters ($, ^, %, ...) must be ignored in your title.

Unique title

Using the unique titles for each page will help search engine improve SEO.

Using 45 - 60 characters (maximum 70 characters)

Search engine result page limit the displayed by character count or fixed width.

Keep far away from “Stop Words”

"Stop words" are words that carry little to no SEO value.Remember that your title are limited to around 45 - 60 words, so make sure to use the right word to add strong value to your title, of course improve SEO too.

Search Engine Considerations

The Google Search Engine can create a new title for your website if it is not happy with the current title from meta tags and publicly information.

Practice with Odoo

Odoo is the beautiful framework which help you defined the page's own title.

In this website, you just simple look at the top right corner "Promote > Optimize SEO"


And write down your favorite title for current page. After that you can live review your title when Google find you (lol):



Title tags are equally as important as for SEO and social sharing. It creates value in specific areas: relevancy, browsing, and in the Search Engine Result Pages. Using well-constructed and unique title across all web content can improve your search rankings, and make end user closed to you.